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Steve, Waltham:

The back of this small commercial space was neglected for many years. It had 2 feet of mulch atop of depleted soil. Small scrub trees, weeds, and ivy. Everything was removed down to the hard cape, and then replaced the soil. Next, we railroad ties set into the hillside to make a tiered bed and reduce erosion. Lastly we raised the tree canopies, and fertilized. We created more of a residential design with a new theme every 5 feet giving the back of the property a much more interesting look with constant perennial colors all season long. The plantings that were selected, for their durability being able to withstand parking lot salt, and low maintenance while matching the nature of this health related business. Patronís comments continue all season as to the transformation and beauty that now is seen here. This was a two and a half day project (4 people). The after pictures are year three of this now well-established garden.

Full Garden View

Full Garden View