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Our Process

1.1 Consultation Residential: The initial phone call to Its Your Garden begins the process of determining your landscape maintenance needs. Once your general maintenance needs are established, we'll schedule an appointment for a property walk through with one of our maintenance experts. During this visit to your site, we will discuss your landscape maintenance preferences and requirements, review any problem areas on your property, and record the specific property and plant data required to customize the perfect maintenance program for you. For most small residential homes, this cost is nominal.

1.2 Consultation Commercial: During the site consultation we will discuss in detail how you want to use your outdoor space. If it is determined that a comprehensive design is needed, a design fee will be assessed for the specific area(s) of interest. Design fees are based on the size of your project and the amount of detail required for the design development.

  1. Phone/Email conversation.
  2. Site visit.
  3. Snap before photos.

2.1 Design Residential: Once the walk-through has been executed, we will analyze your property data, plantscape, and personal landscape requirements to determine which combination of new, regular and seasonal services will both address your preferences and keep your property in peak condition all year long. Your maintenance proposal will outline and describe these services, including quantity and price for each type of maintenance visit. We are interested in your feedback and are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have regarding your proposal.

2.2 Design Commercial: The design procedure begins by measuring the site and taking digital photographs. Property lines need to be established to confirm existing and possible features. A design will be developed to scale, including existing elements and incorporating the concepts discussed during the site consultation.

  1. Propose detailed plan for work to be done.
  2. Set up time frame, materials, and labor.

3.1 Installation Residential: Once you've signed and returned a copy of our proposal and/or maintenance program, we will schedule your one-time or year-long services, working closely with you to meet any of your specific scheduling needs, both in advance and as and when they arise. We adhere to the highest standards of courtesy and professionalism, and are trained to execute our maintenance services with the least inconvenience to you, leaving your property pristine and clean, every visit. We will also routinely speak with you and re-inspect your property after and in-between visits to ensure that your services have been executed to the highest standards.

3.2 Installation Commercial: Your project will be assigned to one of our highly skilled landscape design build crews. Our foremen are proud to offer you the craftsmanship and attention to detail that you expect from a professional installation. Armed with years of experience and certification training, our crews are here to provide you with the highest quality installation of planting beds, stone walks, walls and patios.

  1. Selection plant materials.
  2. Delivery of plant materials.
  3. Preparation of plants.
  4. Snap after photos.
  5. Plant care instructions.

4.1 Maintenance Residential and Commercial:

  1. Detailing: trimming, weeding, pruning.
  2. Replacing plant based on seasonal standards.
  3. Spraying and feeding shrubs and trees.
  4. Trimming, weeding, pruning weekly or as needed.

5.1 Revitalization Residential and Commercial:

  1. Saving plants that have been compromised by weeds.
  2. Moving plants due to lack of light, etc.
  3. Saving neglected properties.
  4. Cutting back overgrowth to redefine property and to add new space.
  5. Installing tiered or raised beds.
  6. Re-building stone walls or other masonry work.

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